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Your favorite alcoholic summer musthaves!




Yay finally summer time! And that means: suns out buns out! So when you’re heading to the pool or beach this summer don’t forget the most important things. With that I mean ofcourse the drinks. Yes I mean your favorite alcoholic drinks. Nothing better than an Ice cold rosé wine, right?!

But what if you want something new? I lined up my favorite not so mainstream options of your favorite alcoholic drinks!

Yes, I imagine, gin marmelade or frosé pops (rosé ice pops, if that’s not our rosé lovers dream)
here’s my list!

    1. On number one the Frosé pops!

      It’s your favo drink in combination with your favo snack. With that I mean icecream.
      You can order a kit on firebox for 28 euroalcoholic pops

    2. Or if you’re a prosecco lover: The Prosecco pops

      Also available at firebox for 28 euro!alcoholic pops


  1. This is not something ice cold but still a funny thing: GIN Marmalade

    It’s for all the gin&tonic lover that can’t wait until the evening. Now you can breakfast with you’re favo drink on toast! Also on firebox for 11 euroalcoholic gin 


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