July van Hapert


Yay you’re here!


So hey everybody! Welcome to my about page. I know, you must be dying from curiosity. So who am I?  My name is July van Hapert.  I live in belgium but I’m actually Dutch. Yhea i know, it’s complicated right?

Currenlty I’m following a design study, that’s why I kinda call myself a designer (in spe).  But that’s not everything!
For the people who don’t know me personally. I’m the girl that needs  2 coffees in the morning, is way to enthiousiastic about everything, lives to be optimistic about everything and loves to discover new things/places. Also I’m not that old, just 20 years young!

Ofcourse not evertything is sugar and spice, sometimes you have to overcome bad things. But I’m a strong believer that those things only make you stronger! So why don’t we kick in a lot of girl power and let’s be our own girl boss. 

 about that, that’s also a small thing of me. I’m a feminist. I believe everybody should be treated equally and that everybody needs the right  to follow an education! So why be cruel against eachother, I think the world needs a lot more love and support. Don’t think that I believe that love and support are the only necessities to solve all the  problems in the world, our problems go far too deep for that.

But hey I do wanna say to you guys, just support eachother a little bit more. But enough about that, this page is actually about me, myself and I (small joke overhere).  The last thing that I want to share with you guys is that I started this blog to be a personal blog about all the things I love. So you’ll only find post overhere about all the thing that I love and support. Also this site will serve as an portfolio where I’ll display al my projects. 

Enjoy guys!